Experience two of Ecuador´s most distinct landscapes. Spend time interacting with indigenous Andean communities and then embark on a rafting trip in the Amazon. This trip truly is ideal for any adventurous class. Topics explored include: biodiversity, ecology, environmental science, geography, history, social studies, and Spanish.

Visit an indigenous market high in the Andes and then go rafting in the Amazon. Our accessible accommodations, trained staff, and specially designed off-road wheelchairs will give you the opportunity to explore two of Ecuadors distinct landscapes.

chocolate tour

Few products represent the essence of a country like cocoa in Ecuador. On this more specific tour, you´ll learn all about world of chocolate throughout the Amazon and experience the rain forest in a distinct and delicious way!

accessible tourism

Experience two of Ecuador´s most beautiful and distinct landscapes. With an ASL translator, you can visit an indigenous market and barter with locals one day, and explore the Amazon rain forest with a native guide the next.

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