Journey through the Ecuador´s past, present, and future by following one of its most representative products: cocoa. This trip is ideal for culinary, environmental science, history, social studies, and Spanish classes as well as any other class in search of adventure (and chocolate tastings.)

chocolate tour

Few products represent the essence of a country like cocoa in Ecuador. On this more specific tour, you´ll learn all about world of chocolate throughout the Amazon and experience the rain forest in a distinct and delicious way!


ECOLE CHOCOLAT “Working closely with Ecuador for All on the logistics for our Master Chocolate Program in Ecuador was a pleasure. They were professional, dependable and responsive to our needs. They were instrumental in making the program a success. We now wouldn’t go into Ecuador without them.” ~ Pam Williams ~ The Chocolat Bar “My wife Kristi owns The Chocolat Bar, an artisan chocolate shop in Boise, Idaho. In July, 2012 we were lucky enough to visit Ecuador with the idea of learning more about Cacao/Chocolate. We…

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